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Fumiya Tanaka is well known as one of the best techno DJs/producers in the world and has been highly praised among the scene for his technique, originality, imagination, and sensibility. His play stretches the possibilities of music, and his rich, decent, and cutting edge groove has made the world amazed all over for over a decade. Fumiya always questions himself and his audience philosophically what "playing records" is all about and has been trying to break and reconstruct the tradition and the clichÈ of the scene through his long- running career. This approach can be found in his play and his works (Fumiya Tanaka, KARAFUTO, INDIVIDUAL ORCHESTRA and etc.), and his "searching the unknown possibilities" attitude has influ- enced many other artists all over the world. Fumiya has launched a new label called ìop.discî in 2005 with RADIQ aka Yoshihiro HANNO (Logistic, FRA) alongside his legendary label ìTOREMA RECORDSî since 1993. Fumiyaís newest production will be a unique album as DARTRIIX which is a unit with RADIQ on op.disc.
d'Kawa (Yoshihiro Arikawa)     more info

His musical inspiration comes from minimal techno, Detroit ghetto tech, and Chicago techno. Co-founder of Kodaira Tracks with 2 releases out on Kodaira and another released in June 2006 on Logistic Records.
Toni Vokado

marco z.k., born in croatia, now living in austria, began quite early to define music in good or bad. with 15 years he started to spin the wheels of steals in austrians legendary nova club, which was a base for his future working as a musician. besides his activity as a dj, which brought him abroad, too, toniís interest for producing grew. after buying some hardware he realized that heís more into the software stuff, and still toniís productions exist of several software and controllers. at a time where techno was clear defined he got influenced by acts like adam beyer, marco carola, josh wink, plastikman, but also from artists like denki groove and the advent. 2002 he got his first feedback for several years of hard work, he released his remix of dj rushís ìget on up remixes epî together with umek and chris liebing on the london based label pro-jex under the synonym marco klacid. after that release it got quiet around toni, as he set his priority on starting a family until he published a remix for shiroko tengai, followed by his debut ep audio- worker on monika kruseís second label electric avenue recordings. the feedback for his first ep was amazing. acts like richie hawtin, ricardo villalobos or magda rated it very high in their top-ten records and played it throughout the whole world. at this point he decided stop djing and henceforth be a strict live-act. in 2005 vokado met the label owner, producer and dj yossi ‰mmoyal with whom he started the freiluft project and released the infront ep on safari electronique, france. a new toni vokado ep on electric avenue recordings followed in 2006 with the title um die eigene achse which got great reviews from german maga- zines as groove or raveline. at the beginning of 2007 toni vokado became a member of the family affairs booking agency existing of artists as john aquaviva, monika kruse and karotte, just to mention a few of them. his live-sets are marked by pumpiní, deep grooving baselines which makes it nearly impossible for everyone to stand still. he always knows how to bring it to the top and take it even a step further. in the future he planed new projects with several artist, an own album and releases on different labels as sushitech, stockholmaudio recordings, and, of course, electric avenue recordings.
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H. Nakajima aka Petetok was born in 1978 and is living in Tokyo. He is influenced by Cologne minimal techno and Japanese club music. He started making his own music in 2002. He is co-founder of Kodaira Tracks.