d'Kawa (Yoshihiro Arikawa)

His musical inspiration comes from minimal techno, Detroit ghetto tech, and Chicago techno. Co-founder of Kodaira Tracks with 2 releases out on Kodaira and another released in June 2006 on Logistic Records.
Kodaira 001 / V.A. (12') Kodaira Tracks 2003
KUROKIN EP (12') Kodaira Tracks 2005
VOICES EP (12') Logistic Records 2006
DOWN UNDER EP (12') Kodaira Tracks 2006
NINE EP (12') Kodaira Tracks 2007
4 Tracks from Ochiaigawa (mp3/free download) Kreatur Musik 2007
U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol.06
DJ Rush (CD)
V2 Records 2007
Made In Italy Ibiza Session 2007
Ricky Montanari (CD)
Azuli Records 2007